Site Related

I figured I might as well put a “front end” up, instead of just using my hosting for what amounts to online storage.

I’ll be honest – web design drives me nuts. Not that I don’t know how, or that it’s technically difficult. It’s more of an internal conflict, really. Part of me wants a nice looking site, that avoids the numerous usability failures you see on a lot of other sites. The other part just thinks it’s all useless crap that takes time away from coding something “cool”. So as a compromise, I just use WordPress, find a theme that has potential, and then spend the better part of a day tweaking the appearance, and modifying the theme itself to exorcise the stupid.

I’m more than likely not done yet. I haven’t tested out on anything but Chrome (Both Android and Windows versions), and I’m sure there will be more features as I have need of them, but at least visitors won’t be greeted by just the Siteground “Coming Soon” page anymore.